I have been training three days a week with Justin Hemingway for approximately 18 months and I have found him to be professional, friendly and conscientious.

When I first met Justin, I was 5ft 11 inches and 11 stone, but now I am 13 stone. My objective was to build muscle and keep the fat off yet at the same time remain lean, fit and agile. I wanted to keep my mobility because of the golf and football I like to play.  Justin has helped me to achieve this through the fitness regime he specially designed for me and also the dietary advice that he gave me. I have found him to be very motivational, as he keeps me focused at times when I may be lagging.

These two pictures below give an indication of my physique before I started training and now. I must say that I am very happy and content with the progress we have made and that I have no hesitation in recommending Justin Hemingway as a personal trainer.

Our son has benefitted hugely since he started his PT sessions with Justin.  He started going there to improve his fitness, after a long stay in hospital.  Not only has his fitness improved, so has his self esteem.

He loves going to the gym now!

Justin is incredibly patient, adjusting the training on a weekly basis to tie in with how our son is feeling.

He is creative in keeping our son’s attention & his skill and experience of working with young people with autism and other additional needs shines through.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Justin and wish we’d found him earlier!

Justin has worked with the service users at Independence Homes for over nine years. Many of them have complex needs including conditions such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, learning difficulties and brain injuries.  Justin's empathetic and patient style means he builds rapport easily and his ability to motivate and encourage participation makes him a valued member of our team.

Justin encourages and enables group participation which promotes inclusion and healthy competition. He is a qualified Boccia Instructor and runs team games such as football and tennis for us. He also hosts regular events such as our annual Sports Days along with   trampolining, swimming and footgolf events.

Justin shows a  high-level of understanding for each person's individual needs and then develops innovative ways to work around any obstacles that their conditions present.  Through their work with Justin, service users have seen improvements in their range of movement, strength and fitness,  as well as an enhanced sense of self-esteem and confidence.


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